Ukrainian refugees Ramien and Katrina

Ukrainian refugees Ramien and Katrina | Geld inzamelen

Family and friends,

Last week, a young couple that had to flee from the war, arrived at the train station in Berlin. Ramien (originally from Iran) was studying in Kiev to be a dentist. He was already far advanced and about to graduate. His girlfriend Katrina worked as an immigration lawyer, and had just opened her own firm. They had to leave everything behind.

After having been sheltered by our friends Patrick and Suse, they now travelled further to the Netherlands, hoping to scramble to their feet. Ramien is anxious to continue his studies, and become a dentist after all. Katrina's plan is to go back to university, and study international law, to be able to eventually resume her work as a lawyer.  

It would be fantastic if we could raise money to help Ramin and Katrina on their way. 

If more money is raised then needed to help them on their way, it will all be donated to an organization that supports Ukrainian refugees.

Thank you!

p.s. If you use the option "bank overboeking" (bank transfer), you can insert your email adress. You'll then receive the payment information (IBAN etc.) in your inbox.


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