Uitwisselingsprogramma Colombiaanse scholieren

Uitwisselingsprogramma Colombiaanse scholieren | Geld inzamelen
Educational Exchange Colombia

High School students from Colombia will visit the Netherlands for an exchange program with the Liceo Quimbaya. Participants will stay and interact with host families, a great way to learn more about the daily life and culture of the Netherlands during their 4 week stay.

Liceo Quimbaya has provided a small donation for the living expenses of the students, but to fulfill the program more money is needed (app. €2000)!! Help us to increase personal growth for these students.  

Goal of the exchange program

The general goal is to promote professional, cultural and educational exchange for high school students from Colombia. The program combines practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment of the Netherlands. Cross-cultural exchange is a crucial part of the program. Preference was given to motivated student who already participated in an online preparation course.


At different stages of the program they will attend workshops on political/historical/societal issues or visit an array of organizations engaged in these areas like the Peace Palace, International Court of Justice, the States General, European Parliament, Delta works and many more!


The initiative was started by Luisa Ortiz Zamudio (Colombian living in the Netherlands) and Carlos Perez Bravo (Owner of Liceo Quimbaya). The educational program was designed by Luisa and her partner Yasmaine Karel (Teacher at the Avans University of Applied Sciences). For further questions you can contact Luisa Ortiz Zamudio (luisaortiz190@gmail.com) or Yasmaine Karel (yasmainekarel@gmail.com).

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