Twentse scholen voor Kaapstad

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Twentse scholen voor Kaapstad


We are Tjarda Potijk, Lisa Meems and Tess Koster and we want to help schools in Cape Town, Simon van der Stel primary in particular. Our mission is to fill three suitcases (25 KG) with different schoolmaterials which we can bring to Cape Town. To achieve our mission we will collect schoolmaterials on different Primary schools in Twente. The children in the Netherlands will become more aware of the childrens lives in Cape Town. But this is where you come in: to get the suitcases to Cape Town, we need you help! With this project we want to slowly break down the intercultural borders between South-Africa and the Netherlands, as we are all global citizens.

May we raise more money then expected, we will buy extra schoolsupplies when we've arrived in Cape Town and donate these to the children of Laerskool Simon van der Stel and others.

Lots of love,
Tjarda, Lisa and Tess

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