Three wheel seat bike for rehabilitation

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Help Riek to be able to live independently at home

 Hello, I'm Riek Verschut, 66 year, widow and handicapped.

On the photo I sit on a three wheel seat bike that is necessary for my rehabilitation.

Unfortunately it is not my tricycle, but the shop/factory where these bikes are made.

The tears are of joy, I did not think I could ever cycle again.

Due to all kinds of miscommunication and misjudgement by governmental as well as medical organizations, crowdfunding has become my very last hope for being able to acquire a much needed 3-wheel bicycle with back-support device.

Despite all of my struggles at governmental and medical level, my case is considered to be closed.

It took me years of spending in a wheelchair before they realized that I suffered from a dislocated vertebra and consequently hip-joint problems.

I got 2 replacement of my hip-joint within 3 months, could not stay home anymore and was forced to live in an elderly home for 5 months.

After a near death experience during the operation, a lot of blood loss tendons that had been torn off the bone because of the deformities by 4 years of wheelchair use, I fight my way back to independence.

Since then I having intensive physiotherapy and I am engeged in an adapted fitness program 3 times a week.

As I am still struggling to regain my physical balance I dearly need above mentioned bicycle enabling my muscles to regain strength, and which will also enable me to go outdoors without the anxiety of loosing my balance, which would be disatrous.

Now, getting fit again, I still needs some help as I can walk for 100 meters.

Because of all the above crowdfunding has become my last hope left, and I ask you to please donate a tiny little amount, for which I thank you whit grate gratefulness!!







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