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Terug naar mijn dochters in Nederland

Dear friends,

I have struggled to find the courage to share this with so many of you, to be the most honest version of me I have been in a long time. But I promised myself to try everything in my power to make this happen and so I have decided to ask for help. 

Many of my close friends and family know I have been stranded in Mexico with no way of getting back soon. I haven’t seen my daughters in over a month, and have only been able to get a hold of them twice over TaceTime.

A month ago I left home not realizing the two weeks I planned would turn into more. I thought I needed some time away from everything that felt like home. The more time passed the more broken I felt and before I knew it going back turned into a mission I severely underestimated.

Now I realize it was a mistake, and I am trying desperately to come back to be with my kids who need me now more than ever. The more time passes the more it hits me this is time I am never getting back - and it breaks my heart. 

After three cancelled flights and a lot of time and money lost in the process I realized, after talking to the Dutch Marechaussee and Embassy in Mexico City, that the combination of my emergency passport and using one-way tickets to travel around the country have made the airlines decline my bookings. 

The EU and United States do not accept emergency passports with less than three months valid at the time of travel. Usually this is not a problem if you book a round trip, but for some reason the Marechaussee knowingly provided me with an emergency passport anyway. Why is still a mystery to me. 

My only viable option at this moment is booking a direct flight back to Amsterdam, seeing as the Embassy stated my passport officially is still valid for the direct flight and they cannot help. 

As my funds have significantly dropped since trying to get back, a direct flight seems very unlikely any point soon. I am finding ways to stay afloat while I wait for more financial support, but truthfully I feel miserable and want to see my kids again. 

If there is any part of you that feels like you can and want to help me reach this point sooner, I could not express in words how much that would mean to me and my girls. I just want to be home and tell them how much I wish I had never left in the first place, how short that amount would have been. 

The tickets available for my return including everything are starting around €2,000 and fluctuate depending on when I can buy them and what is available at that time. As soon as I have the necessary funds I will book my ticket as soon as possible.

Every little bit helps. And if you would want to help but are unable to financially, sharing is already a great help or sending luck and positive energy our way. ❤️

Thank you so much for reading. 




Due to popular demand, here is a link to my PayPal for foreign bank accounts: 


Chaida Cosac

I want to thank everyone that has helped me from the bottom of my heart. I cannot believe I am coming back so early. This is the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me. 


Due to incredible generous help I am coming back without needing to reach the €2,000 on the donation page. I feel so grateful, and I would really like to pay everyone back as soon as I am able to. 

Please, if you sent me money and you would be open to me sending it back, reach out to me so I can put you on a list. Most people sent me money anonymously or without a last name, so I can not find out who you are. 

I am flying back on Wednesday and will be home Thursday. 

Again, I can’t say this enough, thank you. Thank you so much. I hope everyone can experience the amount of gratitude that I have been exploding with. ❤️

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