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Support our freelance teacher team

We are Equal Yoga, a hot power yoga studio based in Amsterdam. We believe in the power of yoga and have been offering our classes since 2016. Sunday March 15th, due to restrictions from the Dutch government concerning Covid-19, we had to close our studios until further notice. 

To keep you healthy and happy, we are offering free online classes everyday at 10:00 and 17:00 and we are so happy to see you all joining our classes. Our team consists of almost 40 powerful, compassionate teachers that have a true passion for yoga and barre. Many of them teach fulltime on a freelance basis and have no income at the moment and are not sure when they'll be able to go back to teaching. Everyday they don't work, is a day nothing earned. Fortunately the government will support freelancers with a minimum income, but they would still appreciate any extra support!

Everything that you donate here goes primarily to the teachers that freelance fulltime, divided equally amongst them. Credit card donations are unfortunately not possible through this website. 

We are incredibly thankful for all donations, big or small. Donating anonymously is possible too. Hopefully, together, we can help and support eachother to make it through these difficult times. 

We hope you enjoy, find all our digital classes here: 

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