Spannende Stage in Nepal!

Spannende Stage in Nepal! | Geld inzamelen
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Imagine you wake up to a normal day, the sun shines and you go to your work, leaving your partner and children at home. You assume it is a day like anyother. It isn't. An earthquake of 7,8 M hit Nepal at around 12 pm on the 25th of april, 2015 and turns your life upside down. Your children are heaviy physically injured and you have lost a home, livelyhood and a stable future.

The non-profit hospial (HRDC) in Kavre, Nepal helps these children with their pysical defects and trys to put their life back on track. This is who we want to help and serve as interns there.
We, Steef Bastiaanssen and Ilse Schillemans, are second years students of Orthopedic Technology at the Paramedic Fontys in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In February the 5th to April the 13th, 2018, we are doing an internship at this hospital in Nepal. This is an enormously exciting opportunity for us both and we are extremely glad for it. This as you might imagine costs quite an amount of money for the following reasons:

- Staying at a foster family
- Fee for doing an intership at the HRDC
- Flight tickets to and from Nepal
- Food and water for our time there

We would prefer to reach our goal before the end of the year, but are glad with any donation afterwards.

We are extremely thankful fo this opportunity to be able to have such an enlightning and life changing experience. We would be head over heels if you would think our cause to be worthwhile for your donations and we will make sure it will be well spent.

Many thanks,

Steef Bastiaanssen and Ilse Schillemans


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