Sierra Leone Emergency Flood Support

Sierra Leone Emergency Flood Support | Geld inzamelen
Voor alle slachtoffers van de overstromingen in Freetown 3

Dear friends,

My name is Madiana Macauley and would like to make an appeal for the flood and mudslide victims of Freetown, Sierra Leone. As you may have heard in the news, an environmental disaster struck Freetown – the capital city of Sierra Leone in the early hours of last week Monday the 14th.                                                                    

As a result, hundreds of people have lost their lives or are still unaccounted for.     The death toll has risen to nearly 500 while more than 600 are missing. Those who survived has lost loved ones and all their belongings.

The weather forecast for the coming period doesn’t look promising as more rains are expected. This could only lead to more floods and ultimately suffering for the people.

Sierra Leone is my father’s homeland and I’ve been there on many occasions.  I would therefore like to ask your support in raising funds, so that we can help provide emergency relief where needed.

Whatever little contribution you can make will go a long way in helping the needy in Freetown. I will donate the proceeds to the Red Cross (Rode Kruis) who are already on the ground and helping the people.

Thank you,




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