Second Chance voor jonge meisjes in Ghana

Second Chance voor jonge meisjes in Ghana | Geld inzamelen
Geef jonge meisjes een tweede kans om zelf in hun levensonderhoud te voorzien.

Young girls in the Axim fishing village in Ghana who have not completed primary education, often have children themselves or go into prostitution. Second Chance Foundation gives them a broad, convenient three-year program so that girls can meet their life expectancy. They literacy, nutrition and health. They also learn a profession that they can make money: seamstress, beautician, caterer. When training is done, they get girls with a sewing machine, beauty equipment, etc. To acquire their own income.

Currently, 20 girls attend the training program. The project is conducted with volunteers in Ghana and with modest resources.

This crowdfunding campaign, we hope to get the money needed to continue the program. Money intended to pay and provide a sewing machine, cosmetics etc. Upon completion of teaching materials and teachers.

We also welcome good sewing and beauty equipment.


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