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Why donate for Rvt in action for NSGK

In June 2018 We will do our utmost to have a top team take part in the Amsterdam 7s rugby tournament !!

During this Amsterdam 7s tournament, there will also be a skilled veteran poul in which top teams from all over Europe will participate.

With your donation we are able to give the children with an intellectual disability an unforgettable rugby day with top players.

In addition to the unforgettable day for the children with a mental disability, there is also the eternal fame for the sponsor through the many social media items we place as a group.

What is the NSGK ?

A society in which children and young people with and without disabilities naturally live together - that is the ideal of NSGK, the Dutch Foundation for the Disabled Child.

There are many barriers in the Netherlands that prevent children and young people with a disability from simply being able to participate.
As a result, they are often on the sidelines. For example, many children with disabilities go to separate schools. Or they do not go to school at all. The playground in the neighborhood is often not accessible to them, nor is the sports club, a holiday destination or the labor market.

With the projects we support, we help children and young people with disabilities to overcome the barriers. .
In addition to supporting projects from third parties, NSGK also initiates, develops and executes projects to realize our ideal. This always happens in close cooperation with various organizations and partners.
NSGK receives no subsidy from the government. We would therefore not be able to do our work without the contributions of many donors, volunteers and organizations who share a warm heart.


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Robert van Trigt 

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