Research and treatment eosinofiel granuloom

Research and treatment eosinofiel granuloom | Geld inzamelen
Snow sufforts some time of a eosinofiel granuloom, een symptome of allergie..

Snow is a young Norwegian Forest Cat and sufforts pain caused by a eosinofiel granuloom on his tongue. That makes it painfull to eat and makes him lose weight. Several treatments have beign done but non who brings the pain down to a reasonable level. Regular medicin failed so far. This donation request is to pay for more extended research and possible medicin. We want to save this young guys life and make it more easy to live pain free the rest of his live. 

At this moment eosinofiel granuloom is called a allergic reaction to something, but not pointed in detail. Food, plant, dust,..... all is possible and for a lot of these causes tests have beign done. Already a lit of money is spend to find the cause. But a lot of money is needed to continiue. So please help, any donation is welcome. 

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