puck to the mountains

puck to the mountains | Geld inzamelen
puck needs to get away for a bit and forget the struggle and illness

Help Puck get a welldeserved and long awaited holiday in the spanish sun. We, Alexa and Sabine try to organise this for her, all bits of help well be very welcome.


WE LOVE PUCK! And she has had difficult times.......

That's why Sabine wants to come with her to south of spain where the permanent sun will be good for her condition and Alexa (who lives there) will pamper her to destress and liven up. The area is full of nature, close to the costa del sol (beach) and in the mountains.

If we all help bit, then 300 euro is easy. This will pay for puck's planeticket, busticket and some expanses. Puck and Sabine can stay in the house with Alexa so we won't need much.


.....please help us get the goal in time!!!!!

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