Providing birth certificates in the Philippines

Providing birth certificates in the Philippines | Geld inzamelen
Providing birth certificates for the children in the slums of Manila.

We are four girls (Mayumi, Georgina, Anna and Donna) traveling to the Philippines on the 8th of September. As Mayumi's mother was born and raised in the Philippines, she spent her life contributing to the local communities there. She founded the Bukas Palad Foundation that inspires and empowers people in need by giving them the opportunity and support to give of themselves to others. We want take this chance to do our share in helping the ones in most need.

As the poorest women in Manila cannot afford to give labor in hospitals or to hire a midwife, many children are left without birth certificates. These birth cerficates are necessary to enroll in any form of education and is therefore crucial for the child's future. Without the birth certificates there is no possibility for these children to escape the poverty trap within the slums of Manila when they grow up.

For this cause we want to raise money in order to provide a future for as many children as possible by funding their birth certificates. There are already many initiatives that provide free education, however without birth certificates the children are not granted with the opportunity of any prospects. 

The cost of one birth certificate is around €10, and every contribution, is it a quarter/half/whole or a few would be of massive help for the future of these communities. Together with the Bukas Palad foundation, we will ensure that the money is directly invested in the cerfiticates. We will personaly visit the slum to help with the livelihood project and meet the people of the community. As the four of us have enjoyed extensive education we are aware of the great of importance of personal development that education has to offer. 

You can follow our journey and visits to the community:

Bukas Palad Foundation website:

Thank you so much in advance!

Kind regards,
Anna, Donna, Georgina and Mayumi

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