Penny has cancer help me beat it

Penny has cancer help me beat it | Geld inzamelen
In the past 3 months, Penny has visited the vet more than any animal should in a lifetime.

*updates below 

After several blood tests, a switch to hypo allergen food, a sonogram, weeks of Prednison and anti-vomiting tablets and many consults with three different vets, Penny underwent a laparoscopy and it became clear she has malignant lymphoma cancer – also known as Hodgkin's in humans.

The news broke my heart, she is my everything. She recently turned only 6 years old, and I promised myself I will not give her up as long as she’s not ready to go and a treatment will not influence her quality of life.

Treatment of cancer for animals differs from humans, mostly because it’s less aggressive, and therefore her quality of life remains the same. Without it, she will pass away within weeks of today. I would never make her suffer because I cannot let go.

The Medisch Centrum voor Dieren in Amsterdam started her treatment with Oncaspar (link in Dutch). This is however, very expensive. I spent 3 months on trying to get the right diagnosis, sold everything I could sell to pay the bills, but I’m running out of options.

This is where I would like to ask your help. Even if you cannot financially contribute yourself, I would like to ask you to share this message with your friends.

Of course I will keep you updated on her treatment, and how you’ve helped. The amount I’m trying to raise is an estimate of the treatment, check ups and blood tests. If the costs end up lower, I will donate what is left to the Dierenbescherming in name of everyone who made a contribution.

I have two campaigns (also on since I am half American and donations out of Europe are not possible on this site. Do you prefer to donate with creditcard? Please click here. I will remove the donation options once I reached a total of 2500 euro's (excluding transfer costs and fees of these websites). 

Please help me help Penny. Thank you so much in advance.

* February 28th 2018
Penny has received her first injection of Oncaspar, an enzyme treatment that should fight the cancer cells in her body, until hopefully none are left.  
The treatment itself was over within minutes and we were on our way back home before we knew it. She's doing well, is talkative, cuddly and even playful, so I have high hopes things will turn out for the best. Our next appointment is scheduled on March 14th. 

* March 14th 2018
Great news: Penny has gained weight! Today she received her second dosage of Oncaspar and had a check up. Everything looks good, so as of today we will start decreasing her Prednisolon dosages. Next appointment: March 28th! 

*March 28th 2018
In the past two weeks we slowly decreased Penny's dosage of Prednisolon from one pill a day to half a pill every other day, and she hasn't shown any symptoms! In the past, with every decrease, she would get sick within two days, so this is the first sign her treatment is actually working! As of upcoming Monday she will no longer receive any Prednisolon and her next appointment for Oncaspar is on April 11th. Things are looking up! :)  

*March 31st 2018
Things have taken a wrong turn. After the appointment, there was absolutely no indication anything was wrong, but on Thursday Penny started throwing up again. When she also threw up on both Friday and Saturday, I by then had extensive contact with the Medical Centre in Amsterdam. We decided to bring her in late Saturday afternoon where they took a lot of time for her. Unfortunately, their conclusion was the tumor was growing and she was losing weight rapidly. I was given three options: switching to chemo, but a very low chance of survival and in constant need of painkillers and anti-vomiting pills; upping the dosage of Prednison, but a very low change it would work again and only a life expectancy of 2 weeks, or let her go. I have chosen the latter, because I have promised her I would never make her suffer just to keep her around. I spent an hour saying my goodbyes, and I'm in tears writing this final message. I want to thank you all for your support, donations and get-well-wishes. She has spent more months without pain and suffering in this world thanks to you all. 


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