Lombok Earthquake Help local families now!

Lombok Earthquake Help local families now! | Geld inzamelen
We survived the Lombok earthquakes and now we want to help two local families

Earthquake devastation in Lombok
On the 5th of August a massive earthquake hit Lombok and the Gili islands killing hundreds of people and left thousands without food, water or shelter. Among those people are our local friends. They need urgent help.

We (Renée and Jeroen) were at Gili Trawangan eating with local friends when the earth under our feet started to move. Sounds of people screaming, collapsing buildings and trees filled the air.

Our local friends including Agus escorted us to the highest point of the island in fear of the tsunami alert. Heavy aftershocks made sure the whole island stayed on that hill during the cold night. Families were crying over the lifeless body of a child. Our friends went back in the dark at own risk to get blankets and water just to give it away to strangers. Agus even spent the night shirtless because he gave his away to a tourist. 

As the sun came up the island was evacuated. When we came back to our destroyed bungalow Aly was waiting for us and hurried us onto his brothers boat to get us back to Lombok; constantly worrying for us even after he got the message his own home was destroyed. 

Upon arrival in Lombok the true impact of the quake became visible and the enormous destruction included the houses of our friends Aly and Agus. Their family members broke bones but thankfully got out alive. There is no electricity, no water and very little available food. As of today they are sleeping outside still plagued by aftershocks and new quakes.

What we want to achieve:
Immediate funds for the most urgent needs like water, food, clothes and medical supplies for the families of Agus & Aly. As well as funds to rebuild their houses, restore plumbing and electricity.

How can you help:
Support the families of Aly & Agus and donate now by clicking ‘Doneer’.

Every penny is valuable. With the target amount both can make goods steps toward rebuilding their homes. If we achieve more then the target amount Aly and Agus can locally distribute it to others in need.

We will keep you updated!
This campaign is aimed to give targeted help and is not a big fund where you don't know what happens with your donation. We will keep in contact with the families and will use this page and Facebook to keep you updated on how the funds are being used.

Instructions for non dutch people:
Please press the "Doneer" button and follow the payment instructions. If your payment method is not listed, please send us a message via Facebook.


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