Kim and Kirill Wedding Donation to Microfinancing

Kim and Kirill Wedding Donation to Microfinancing | Geld inzamelen
Wedding Contribution Microfinancing

We are happy to celebrate our wedding with you on Bali, but also want to take a moment to stand still and reflect on how lucky we are - with amazing family, friends, and working / living in Rotterdam, opportunities to travel and explore the world. Not everyone is so fortunate and because you all are joining us on Bali for these beautiful celebrations, we know that you are also fortunate enough in your life. We would like to ask you to contribute a minimum of 30 USD (equivalent to approx. 25 euros), or more of course, to a charity that we strongly support. 

Microfinancing is one of the best proven ways to eliminate poverty and famine in third world countries. Microkrediet voor Moeders ("Microcredit for Mothers") is a Dutch charity that provides microfinancing to poor women in Asia so that they can start their own business, earn an income, and thereby take care of their families. When they repay their loan, the money is then given as microfinancing to another woman. This circular solution is very sustainable as it allows for poor mothers to gain independence, take care of their families, send their children to school, and gain business skills to pass on within their communities. 

The charity works on a project basis, with a different approach for each country such as in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and also Indonesia. On average a loan is 108 euros. Examples of projects include a women co-operation in Loas producing bamboo, taking female beggars of the street and India and helping them set up a business to sell painted saris/incense/local goods, but also smaller contributions such as providing a rice cooker to start a street food stand, a sewing machine to craft saris, and a first goat to start raising a flock. Since 2005, Microkrediet voor Moeders via local partners has invested more than 350,000 euros to more than 20,000 women in 8 Asian countries. 

We hope that you will join us in supporting this charity by donating directly through this website link. 

Many thanks in advance for your support. 

We truly appreciate it. 


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