Helping at Lesvos

Helping at Lesvos | Geld inzamelen
Please donate so we can help improve the harsh conditions of refugees in Lesvos

Dear all, 

On the 23rd of February I will go to Lesvos for a week for the Because We Carry foundation. With a group of volunteers, we’ll go to the Kara Tepe Campus where we aim to improve the harsh conditions where thousands of people, including kids, sick people and elderly, live in. The political situation is falling apart, while in the meantime the refugees who fled their country for war and violence, live in a terrible insecure situation.

We (volunteers) pay for our own trip and stay, but we need additional budget to make a difference. There is a big need for money for food and other materials. We will take care of breakfast every morning and buy necessary goods from the local businesses, to improve the conditions in the camp. To make the charity as lean as possible, it will be daily decided for what needs the budget will be used. BWC will coordinate the help and budget.

It would be great if you can donate and contribute to the cause, every euro helps!
You can read more about the foundation on the BWC website. Of course, you can also contact me if you have any questions.



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