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Scientific research shows that 34,972 homeless applications were made between 2017-18, just in Scotland and every 3 weeks a homeless person dyes on the streets.

This is needless to say, a shocking amount. An amount that tells us, that we as citizens of our society, have to reach out and help the homeless where we can. They're part of the world we've come to know. They're all around is, yet we tend to forget about them. 


We've created this earth and we are still building it. A lot of bad things happen, but we're hear to make a change, a good change. We want to create small sparks of happiness for the less unfortunate


We all come home after work or a meeting and find ourselves in a warm home surrounded by our friends and family. The homeless, day in, day out, don't: let's share a bit of our luck and therefore expanding not only our own feelings of warmth and happiness, but also of the homeless. A neuro scientific study of the University in Zurich shows that doing something generous for other people actually has mood boosting benefits in the brain! And who doesn't love those extra karma points?




Through crowdfunding we hope to raise a start amount of 1000 pounds. This money is used to create gift packages for the homeless. It'll be full of supplies that make their life on the street easier. Think of things such as a sleeping bag, a pillow, baby wipes, deodorant, hat, scarf, gloves and things to keep them busy, such as books.


These packages will be handed out to the people on the streets. The contents of the packages may vary due to seasonal changes and due to holidays. We like to match our packages.


Together we fight against homelessness and let them benefit from our generosity. We bring hope back in the society, we make the world a better place, not tomorrow, no, today. 


What are you waiting for? Rome wasn't build in one day, but a package can! Start donating now.


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