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Triple Negative Breastcancer

My dear mother named Helena Fortes was recently diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. A very serious type of breast cancer. Six months ago I heard this shocking news and did not know what was going through me. I'm shocked . My mother is an inspiring woman who always perseveres despite the many setbacks in her life. She is a very positive person who is always looking for opportunities. My mother has always been healthy. Why does this have to happen at this moment ??? The major factor that the malignant cells have developed into a tumor is stress related !! Her doctors say that this is pure bad luck. A young woman of 44 who is very spontaneous and always in a good mood. A true big thinker. Always a beautiful smile on her beautiful face and is open to everyone. In other words, my best friend with whom I can share everything with. Chemo treatment does not help her type of cancer. There is another treatment that can help her but the costs are high. Through this message I ask you for help from the bottom of my heart !!! I thank you in advance for your contribution, whether ideas or financial. Both are very welcome. I don't want to lose her ...


My mother's story from her point of view:


In recent years I have lived with a lot of stress. I had a dream of being of valuable significance for the future of Cape Verde. Years ago I decided to realize my dream. I put together a team who believed in my idea and approached dignitaries in Cape Verde to help me make the dream come true.


I would develop new school uniforms for the school-aged children in Cape Verde. The school uniforms that Cape Verde had, were from the time before the independence of Cape Verde (1975). I thought it was time for that to change. The uniforms had to tell the story of Cape Verde. Radiating the identity of the country. Give a proud feeling. Contribution to self-confidence. Let love be experienced through aesthetic beauty. I thought it was important to produce the uniforms in Cape Verde. I wanted to stimulate employment and economic developments in my beloved country. With my dreams and ideals I moved to Cape Verde.

I was welcomed with open arms. Many dignitaries gave me access to important channels and all kinds of commitments were made. In the process, constant switching was needed with decision makers, investors, developers, the first production countries. Land had to be found where the factory would be built. Permission had to be granted by various authorities for the production of the uniforms in Cape Verde. It was an intensive and stressful period, but it was satisfying to be able to do something for Cape Verde.


Where in the beginning my team and I were welcomed with open arms, visions gradually changed in the process. Important players started to behave questionably. The double agendas came on the table and personal interests and personal gain became part of the negotiation talks. I was shown faces that had not been shown earlier in the process. Based on my principles and personal integrity, I did not respond to fraudulent proposals. I wanted to follow the process according to the booklet, the international rules. I wanted to be an honest party to investors who had expressed their confidence in me. So I had signed contracts. Cabo Verde has not given permission to go to the World Bank with my plan. Integrity has had a prize! A number of important players did not accept my choice and before I knew it, I was in a game full of lies and intrigues. Every step in the process was complicated. Where previously everything was possible and the road was open, there were all kinds of obstacles, blockades and impossibilities. Instead of giving up, I entered the battle. The struggle for the development of Cape Verde. The fight for the future of the country but especially the fight against injustice. In the meantime, half truths were told in the media. Everything was rosy and beautifully presented. There were reports that an amount of eight million had been released for the realization of the project. An amount that I have never seen. Behind the scenes, the game became grim. The more I fought against injustice, the dirtier the game became. At one point one of my team members said 'Helena, maybe you should give up this dream'. The environment we were in was unhealthy. There was absolutely no gun factor. Those who were at the helm did not want to cooperate. Disillusioned, I had to admit that we were not making any progress in this way and then decided to give up.


The situation has provoked a lot of emotions and brought a lot of pain. I have lived with a lot of stress in a short time. The injustice I have experienced is incomprehensible. Dignitaries who choose their own gain instead of the people.


Six months ago I was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer and the main cause was stress. After having completed a short trajectory in the Netherlands, the doctors in the Netherlands gave me up. The chemo treatment that I would undergo was too risky. The chance that I would survive this was almost nil and if I endured the treatment it would cause so much damage that the quality of my life would seriously deteriorate.


After hearing the bad news, I had to make a decision. Together with my daughter I have been away for a few days to deliberate and reflect. I soon came to the conclusion that I did not want to undergo chemotherapy. The risks were too great. I wanted to find other solutions and searched for alternative medicine. In the meantime, I completely changed my life. I started taking better care of my body by paying attention to my diet and by exercising more. In my search I came across a treatment that is being carried out in Germany. The treatment stops the growth process of the cancer cells and then the tumor can be surgically removed. There are a number of cases where the treatment has been successful. I started to inquire about the costs and asked my health insurer if the costs are covered. I received another blow. The costs for treatment are between € 80,000 and € 100,000 and my health insurer does not cover the costs.


Health is a precious good and cannot be expressed in terms of money. I want to share my experience and story as much as possible with others who also have a dream. I want to inspire people to continue to believe in themselves and to go for their dreams. Despite the many setbacks, I still believe in my dreams. I have a great will to live and I have so much to give. I hope I am allowed to live more ❤


Helena Fortes and daughter Christel Rodrigues

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