Help Liz, her dogs all the people involved

Help Liz, her dogs all the people involved | Geld inzamelen

What a nightmare...

On the trip Liz was making, to help animals and shelters all over Europe, Liz and her dogs had a major accident on the highway. A truck driver parked his vehicle with 2 wheels on the highway and there was no possibility to go passed it. 

The motorhome was totally destroyed. It is a miracle Liz and her 4 dogs and the dog she found and rescued survived this accident. No one knows how... Kai, Liz her American Akita, got the biggest blow, he was in total shock. And while an ambulance came right away, the only thing Liz asked for was a veterinarian. With lots of breathing exercises and remaining calm in such a mess, Kai pulled through luckily ❤ He's still hurting very much and needs lots of medical care, but he's alive. 

Challa, the Kangal, has a big wound on her shoulder that needs attention. The other dogs were of course very scared, but have no injuries, which is a true miracle ❤

The motorhome and all the belongings of Liz and her dogs are destroyed. They have next to nothing left. A few damaged and dirty clothes, that's all... Un top of all this the insurance won't cover anything, even though the truck was parked with 2 wheels on the highway... Which is really strange...

So we're asking for you help, not only for Liz and her dogs, but also for all the people helping her. Because so many people show their support, but 4 people especially help Liz every day: there's Leen & Marian, the people who rebuild Liz her motorhome and thanks to them the dogs had such sturdy crates, that they survived this major accident! By coincidence or fate they were really nearby Liz at the time of the accident and they rushed over to help, physically and mentally. Every day they visit Liz, help with groceries, donate stuff to her, talk and hug her, drive her wherever she needs to go and just take really good care of her. We would really like to do something back for them ❤

Then there's Corinne & Raffa. They were called by the ambulance brother when Liz kept asking for a vet. They have a shelter and normally don't collect dogs of the highway. But when they heard a woman with 5 dogs crashed and survived, they rushed over asap. They comforted Liz, helped her put the dogs in their van and as soon as it was allowed, they rushed her and her dogs to the vet. Un top of all this wonderful help, they offered her an apartment on their premises where she could stay with the dogs as long as she needs to recover. This sort of loyalty is unknown of ❤ They bring medicine for the dogs, cook Liz dinner every day, talk to her, hug her when things get too much, check in on her and the dogs multiple times a day and all of this while they are running a shelter with over 500 dogs that all need care! It's so amazing, these people are so friendly to a stranger in need of help. We are forever grateful ❤

And of course we would want to give back to them. For all the help, the costs, everything. Can you help us with this? So we can repay Leen & Marian, Corinne & Raffa and get Liz and her dogs new stuff, food, clothes and in the end a new motorhome, because she can't stay where she is now forever...

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