Help for Afrikaners in South Afrika.

Help for Afrikaners in South Afrika. | Geld inzamelen
Steeds meer Afrikaners worden dakloos.

Het zal u misschien ontgaan zijn want in Europa spreekt bijna niemand er over en is het een gevoelig onderwerp. Door het toenemende geweld en het besluit van de A.N.C in december 2018 worden er steeds meer Afrikaners dakloos. De overheid stemde in met landonteigening van blanke boeren in december , mensen die al generaties in Zuid-Afrika wonen en werken. Met donaties van anderen probeert W.A.S. ( we are against starvation ) deze mensen te helpen. In eerste instantie wilde ik spullen sturen zoals kleding maar deze spullen komen daar niet aan. Ik wil me graag inzetten voor deze mensen Zodat ze ook weer onderdak en vooral eten kunnen kopen voor de familie's die hier slachtoffer van zijn geworden. Bij voorbaat dank.

The WAS Foundation was founded on the 27th of October 2009 by Esmarelda van Zyl, rescuing animals from local townships and re-homing them into loving approved homes.
In 2011 Esmarelda won the Nedbank’s Hero of the Year Award and was donated R10 000, which she promptly decided to give back to those who helped her in achieving the award, the community! That was also when Coronation Park was discovered, a white township in Kurgersdorp.
Soon it was not only about helping desolate animals. Esmarelda decided to give a voice to the people who could not speak for themselves; our starving community!

Esmarelda and her team of volunteers have been working non-stop since that day to uplift the communities that they touch, we currently have approximately 1200 people that we provide basic needs for eg, food, clothes, toiletries, medical assistance and shelter.

WAS Foundation managed to obtain a property in Krugersdorp West where we will open a safe place for the homeless, people living in squatter camps and in back yards, etc, where they can have a special place to get food. The kids in the areas are all welcome to have breakfast, school lunchbox and lunch after school. It is at 92 van Wyk Street Krugersdrop West, donations can be dropped off directly at Rainbow Haven. We will distribute all donations evenly from Rainbow Haven.

Our vision is to uplift and provide hope to impoverished communities so that they can become self-sustainable. We will achieve our vision while treating each family within these communities with dignity and respect.
1. To create safe places for families and children where no one goes to bed hungry or cold and are treated with love and care.
2. To provide basic resources to those who go without life’s essentials.
3. To protect the innocent children from harm and to teach them necessary life skills realise a better life as they grow up


Contacted W.A.S today. We have discussed speaking english so that is easier for everyone to read.

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