Help abonded and abused dogs in Romania

Help abonded and abused dogs in Romania | Geld inzamelen
Help abonded dogs in Romania

Dead dogs at the site of the streets are a common thing in Romania. Dogs are killed in gaschambers every single day there, butcherd to death with rocks and axes, even puppies.  I am collecting money for a private dog shelter in Romania which is run by a lady that is rescuing as much as she can every single day and is finding new homes for them in UK, Gemany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  I also took one of her dogs in. Next to my monthly donation I want to surprise her with an extra amount of money to support her making her good work a little bit easier. I really do hope that a lot of people will help me achieve this goal. And remember every Euro is one Euro and helps a lot. Thank you all for supporting this cause and help us giving a lot of dogs a new life and future. 

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