Geef Gambiaanse kinderen de kans om te voetballen! | Geld inzamelen

Geef Gambiaanse kinderen de kans om te voetballen!

Doneer voor meer kansen voor Gambiaanse kinderen op het gebied van sport en educatie!

I have learned all of life with a ball at my feet and a pencil in my hand and I think everyone should have that opportunity! Last month I signed up for the Marathon Rotterdam and this week I have run 50 KM in total, training and moving from school to school in Gambia. No matter if I finish the marathon or not; all the financial support will go to a project to help the Gambian schools with basic needs like pencils, balls and nets for the goals. Feel free to support me during the 42KM in Rotterdam next week (track number; 13922) or donate a small amount that will go directly to a local school in Gambia. Even small amounts can make big differences!



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