Endless writing for kids in El Porvernir Honduras

Endless writing for kids in El Porvernir Honduras | Geld inzamelen
Teaching in El Porvernir, Honduras!

I am leaving for Honduras in a month. I will be volunteering as a teacher / curriculum developer for the Honduras Child Alliance (Check out Honduras Child Alliance (HCA)) . Why? I hope to be a small part of helping to break through the cycle of poverty in Honduras by focusing on improving education.I am following my dream and contributing in small steps to an educational system that is in accordance with the world we live in today.

I want to start now! When I read the story of Sam and Correctbook , I found a perfect match. He achieved endless writing for over 16.400 children in Africa and I hope to bring this principle with me to Honduras.

★ Goal: ★ 80 correctbooks ★ 100 pens ★ 20 erasers ★ 100 ink pots for infinite writing & drawing for the kids during classes!

Do you want to help me bring those to El Porvenir, Honduras? Please donate! 

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