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Please help me survive

My name is Ger from the Netherlands I am 47 years old and chronic sick

Please help me survive and get the surgeries I need to breathe and manage severe surgical complications from Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS). After learning to live with ENS since 2010, I am struggling to fix acute airway complications for the past four years after a tonsillectomy / Turbinate in 2012 en 2013. My airway muscles began to dysfunction soon after, constricting instead of dilating when I breathe. This closes off my airway when I inhale, making me lightheaded and suffocated all day. Most of my surgeries so far have not been able to address the root of the problem, which was not detected until recently, after several relapses. I have been traveling around the country to top ENS and airway specialists I only can be operated in the US or Germany my insurance Wil not cover the cost.

Please don't let me suffer .....
Every euro / dolar / pond will count

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