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Help a girl to fulfill her dreams and who wants to spread a good message...


Dear reader,


My name is Viatie Forst. 

I have started my own clothing line recently and the name of the brand is: COG. It stands for Child of God. 

By starting this clothing line I am fulfilling my passion for fashion and at the same time I'm trying to spread a message. 

This brand is not only meant for people with a religious background, but for everyone. With this project I'm also sharing the message of the acceptance of all shapes and forms of bodies. I have seen many clothing lines in my life and they make it look like there is a “perfect image” of what people should look like.

 I am taking this project very seriously and I have been doing a lot of researches on how to accomplish a stable business.

 After the creation of my project plan, I've found out that I need to gather a budget that goes beyond my expectations. 

I will use the seed money to produce the clothing, advertise for the brand and to make a website. 


Every donation that I'll receive is going to be invested into my clothing line!!

I need the seed money as soon as possible to become a fast growing brand that will be known worldwide. 


I GREATLY appreciate every donation and I would also love to see some great tips on how to manage and promote my brand!


For serious business inquiries you can reach me on this e-mail:

Kind Regards,


Viatie Forst.

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