Bring Joshua Back

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Bring Joshua Back

Dear friends all around the world,

Something horrible happened to one of the rescued horses from a friend of us in Marocco and we need your help... Joshua (born & raised free in the herd and untouched) was stolen from the woods and sold to go to work. He was beaten, put in front of a wagon to pull way to heavy loads without proper training or muscles and his mouth an chest are full of scars from the wounds that were create by rough handling. Mashanti and her friend in Morocco fought very hard non stop for 12 days to find him and yesterday found him back on sale on a market... They had to pay to buy him back and another friend walked the 17 KM with him back home so he would not have to immediately be traumatized more by loading him on a truck again.
Mashanti is for years already trying to get the rest of her beautiful herd to her lovely place on Mallorca so she can care for them properly and possible find proper adoption homes in Europe. She is lacking the funds for the transport. Right now bringing Joshua to Mallorca is the priority, as the thieves might come back and he needs healing and safety to come back physically, emotionally and spiritually from this horror. We started a 'Bring Josua back' fund and ask each of you if you could possibly donate whatever amount to help us. If you are willing & able to help we will be so very grateful 🙏 💙

(the first picture is before, and the other pictures are Joshua now)



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