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Alzheimer's Helping Hands

Onderzoek preventie Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Research and prevention

Some 50,0000,000 people worldwide suffer from dementia, Alzheimer's Disease being the most common. In less than 15 years, this number will reach 75,000,000. You could be one of them, or a loved one. There is still no cure available, and therefore more research is needed.

An exciting and promising trial is currently being conducted among people with an Alzheimer gene. People with this gene will contract Alzheimer's at an early age, but by studying these people and tracking the effects of potential medication we may be able to find a cure or prevention.

Participants of this trial are scattered across the world: the Netherlands, Germany, England, France, Australia, Canada, United States, etc.

Once a year, a family conference takes place where all the participating families can meet, support and encourage each other. And where they learn new insights the trial has uncovered.

The money from this crowdfunding action will be used partly to help fund the family conference day and partly to help fund research into the preventon and/or medication of people sufferning from Alzheimer's Disease.

Thank you for your helping hand!

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