Young Leaders Expedition South Africa

Young Leaders Expedition South Africa | Geld inzamelen
Young Leaders Expedition South Africa from BOOST The World! foundation

Thanks to BOOST the World! I can be a part of something great. Therefore I need your help with Sponsorship.

From 14th to 21st of February we are planning to travel to South Africa, with a group of young people between the ages of 10 and 21. We will be doing volunteer work for the Boost The World! Foundation to help support the young leaders. The money collected goes amongst other to maintenance of the Boost School we build and to local agriculture and projects such as dehorning of rhinos and elephants.

The Young Leaders is a permanent project of BOOST the world! foundation. Beside education and workshops we offer in Schools across the Netherlands, our young leaders are also active in International projects where they are expanding their knowledge, gaining real life experiences and at the same time giving something great back to the world and society around them.


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