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World Of Our Furry Friends WOOFF is a project created by Jeffery Tan and friends.

Jeffery has been working on the island since 2008 and has helped many cats, dogs and other animals receive the care that they need to date. With over 50,000 stray dogs alone in Langkawi, there is clearly a lot more work to be done and the problem is growing. WOOFF therefore needs your help.

Jeffery rescues animals that have been injured in the wild or mistreated by people. He provides medical assistance for these animals, either caring for them at home or referring them to a veterinary practitioner. Animal rescues can take hours to complete as Jeffery works tirelessly to gain the trust of the animals. This requires not only time, but an abundance of resources.

Jeffery provides care for over 200 cats and dogs, amongst other animals, in Langkawi. This consists of providing food and medical assistance on an ongoing basis. The costs associated with this are high.

Jeffery wants to educate the public on the issues surrounding stray and wild animals. If the community supports WOOFF’s cause, more animals can be sterilised and animal cruelty can be stopped. 

With your assistance we can help to improve the lives of our furry friends.


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