Waka op de Ringvaart 2018

Waka op de Ringvaart 2018 | Geld inzamelen
Waka crew rows the Ringvaart for stichting Jarige Job

Many of you will have seen us paddle through the canals of Leiden in our traditional Maori canoes (‘waka’). But there is so much more to the Waka crew! Originally our waka paddlers all started off as rowers, and because of this we will participate in a new project: The Ringvaart Regatta 2018!
Nine members of our Waka crew will join forces and form the crew to row the Ringvaart Regatta, a legendary 100 km race.

Waka is all about community and because of this we will hope to raise money for a good cause: Stichting Jarige Job. This foundation supports Dutch children growing up in poverty. We hope to support this foundation financially by raising as much money as possible.

Our first outings were a succes and the training is going well! We are super excited and we hope you will support us the coming months and cheer us on on the big race day!

Stay tuned! 
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