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Volunteering in Sri Lanka, Mental Health Sector

Hi guys,

In September I'll be volunteering in Sri Lanka for two months in the mental health sector. Mental health resources in Sri Lanka are still very scarce, so i want to put my knowledge to work and help people over there with mental problems. (I'll have my degree in Psychology at the end of June hopefully).

I'll be working in a psychiatric facility for those with additional needs, like autism or a brain injury. I'll help people with mental problems by giving them training in decision-making, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, effective communication, interpersonal skills, self-awareness and coping with emotions and stress. Beside people with mental problems I will also teach children English so that they have a better perspective in de future. I'll also help people who had to endure trauma like a flood or children who have lost their parents and need some extra help.

In summery I will be working over 40 hours a week to help everyone who can benefit from my help.
I'm doing it all for free and i have a lot of costs (LOTS of jabs (vaccinaties voor de nederlanders onder ons) (700euro), accommodation, flight, equipment, training etc (around 2500 euro), so if some of you want to help me out I would be very grateful! Every little bit helps me!

Thank you!

(help me out by sharing) :)

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