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Travel to unravel, cycling from Kochi to Chennai

My journey to unravel will start From 1st of April .I will start cycling for an adventure from Kochi, via Kanyakumari (India’s most southern point), to Chennai. In the word of lao Tzu- "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” into the rich culture of Indian southern states and as we begin I take the perfect opportunity to raise attention for a bigger cause.

Around the world the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate people is a diverging trend, which is also visible in the city where I lived last six months, Delhi. To counter this in a fast developing world, it is utmost necessity to give people equal opportunities from the very beginning. NGO TARA protects less fortunate children in Delhi, organisation assures them of proper education and enhances their future prospects. Coming months their cause will be mine and hopefully yours!

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