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Helping children in Ghana realizing their full potential.

In about a month I will leave for Ghana to work as a volunteer for the organization To Be Worldwide. An organization that was established 16 years ago by Nellie Kirschner-Timmer to help children in developing countries to realize their full potentials by complementing the existing school facilities. The two centers, one in Cape Coast and one in Takoradi, give children the opportunity to make use of a library, a computer lab, various activities and multiple workshops to stimulate and develop their skills for a better future. One of the workshops they offer is called ‘I Want To Be’.

When you ask a child in Ghana what they want to become when they grow up, they will answer “doctor”, “policeman”, or even “not a criminal”. Their world is little and limited, they don’t know better. During the four weeks of the program, the I Want To Be team tries to open up the world of 40 children. Together they discover which various jobs there are, what teamwork is, how to give a presentation, and how life can look like after high school. 

During my five weeks in Ghana, I will be mostly part of the I Want To Be Team, but when I have got some spare time left, I will also assist other children in the Takoradi center with reading, writing, working on the computer, puzzling, and playing games. 

Education is key to a better future, something that every member of the To Be Worldwide team realizes. I will go to Ghana to strengthen the team because I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have a better future and it would be an honor for me to assist the team in realizing this. 

My goal is to get on the plane on July 20th with a suitcase filled with 40 sets of notebooks, pens, and stickers to hand out to the children once I arrive in Ghana. I need your help with this! Are you just as excited as I about what the To Be Worldwide team tries to accomplish? Do you also believe it is important to assist these children in working on their futures and do you want to contribute as well? To be able to buy these notebooks, pens, and stickers, I hope to collect 200 euros. A small amount of money so every (small) contribution would already help a lot! The To Be Worldwide team and all children in the centers will be very grateful! 

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