sustainable income for primary school uganda

sustainable income for primary school uganda | Geld inzamelen
establishing rabbit and chicken farm to improve schools resources

We want to raise 1000 Euros to establish a chicken and rabbit farm for the Nykashashara primary school in the Lake Mburo national park area in Uganda. 


Nykashashara primary school is a school with very limited resources. The school has 80 children ranging from 6 to 15 years old, but only 2 teachers.

TIA-adventures starts a project to establish a poultry and rabbit farm at Nykashashara primary school. This will give the children practical experience and will improve the school resources.In this area of Uganda most people herd cows to get income. This causes a lot of soil degradation and impacts the environment in a negative way.

Rabbit and chicken farming is very profitable and has less impact on the environment because of the short reproduction time and fast growth. For instance, after a gestation period of only 1 month rabbits give birth to about 6 to 10 kits. The mother rabbit can get pregnant again after 24hours after giving birth while the kits reach sexual maturity already after 6 months.

Why is this important?

·      Giving the kids practical experience

·      Compared to herding cows, less soil degradation and impact on the environment. It is also cheaper to start a chicken or rabbit farm compared to start herding cows

·      Provides the school with more resources (food supplements, bigger financial budget for school excursion and hiring more teachers)

·      Once established the project is fully self-sustaining

·      It will help the rest of the community by setting up a micro finance business (For example, someone gets two rabbits from the school to start their own rabbit farm. When the two rabbits have reproduced, the original rabbits are returned to the school and the offspring kept. The same will happen with the chickens)

What is the role of the school?

The project is to support the school, once established the school will manage the farms. The school itself will also be the main builders and will decide where chickens and rabbits will be located on the premises of the school. The school will involve parents of the children by requesting contributions to the project in the form of building materials or maybe even a chicken. This way everyone is involved! 

Where will the money go?

·      The material for fencing, a chicken house and a rabbit cage

·      The transport of the materials from the closest town to the school

·      The chickens and rabbits

·      Labour for the build

The chickens and rabbits will each have enough space to wander around outside and are allowed to be outside from the morning till the evening. If they want they can always find shelter in the housing.

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