Support Fokker D.21 229 and get her Airworthy!!!

Support Fokker D.21 229 and get her Airworthy!!! | Geld inzamelen
With your support Fokker D.21 229 will turn back to the skies again!


An airworthy Fokker D.21 is a dream which we all dreamed of in the Netherlands, a real Dutch warbrid flying again.

The Dutch Flying Legend is returning! Fokker D.21 229 will soon be able to spread her wings again after 80 years, and with your support we can realise that together!!! 

Our 229 is now really in its last stadium of its rebuild, so the day she takes off again is coming more and more closer towards us! A day which will be historic. 

Fokker D.21 229 will be the only flying example of its type left in the whole world and together with your support we make it happen! 
So the test programs and all other finishing work can be finished! As sooner that has been performed, as sooner our 229 will be operational again!! 

Support Fokker D.21 229 so she can turn back to the skies after 80 years!!! 

We'll appreciate your support very much! 

Kind regards,

Famliy van Egmond

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