Street dogs of Sri Lanka

Street dogs of Sri Lanka | Geld inzamelen
Help de honden van Sri Lanka

This fund was originally set up to support and help fund the care and treatement of Millennium Elephant Foundation's Volunteer Dogs.

7 adopted street dogs Milkshake,Sneaks,Polly the 3 sisters Terri,Dottie and beauty and our boy Stanford.

MEF pay for the feeding of these dogs and Jade,Ryan and Evi take care of the dogs primarily but their medical care and treatment costs money.

Our dogs are very lucky and have a lovely life here at MEF.But they are only here because of past volunteers so the MEF TEAM could really benefit from support paying their medical expenses.

Also due to an increase in the Rambukkana area of stray dogs and unwanted puppies we really want to start vaccinating and neutering the street dogs around the area too

Please donate whatever you can to support the cause.

Neutering only costs 2500 rs (£12.50) ($15.00)

To get them all up to date on vaccinations, worminng, neutering and skin treatments too totals around 8000 rs per dog (£40.00) ($50.00)

Please donate whatever you can to support this cause.

Not all dogs are as fortunate as the volunteer dogs but we can give them a fighting chance by providing the care they need

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