State Exam NT2 for Nina

State Exam NT2 for Nina | Geld inzamelen
Nina studies hard to have a job in the Netherlands a.s.a.p.

Nina, 20, comes from Syria and she studied Dutch with an institute that was paid for by the government.

That study there would take about 1,5 years before she could take the "inburgeringsexamen" (= civic exam), and she was afraid to exceed the budget before she could pass the inburgeringsexam, so she would have to pay back a large amount of money.

After 4 weeks of Dutch lessons with me, she's ready to take the exam, so she can go on with her life without fear of building up a debt. The civic exam will be paid for by the government, but then they will stop paying for her.

In order to study in the Netherlands, however, she would need to take another Dutch exam, a higher level (She would like to become a nutricionist and/or a personal trainer).

The government would pay for 1 exam only, but I adviced her to take the easiest exam first (civic exam), so at least she is done with the mandatory part.

I offered to work for free, but the second exam costs around €340, and the expenses for her lessons with me are already around € 1100, not counted my salary (3 immersion courses lasting 1 week each, for food, material, trips, workshops, etc. Yes, we do such things in my courses, that's why they work so well, check ...). She would be ready for the state exam after another 3 -4  immersion courses (with another 1000,- of expenses, I really can't afford that myself), so the expenses will increase even more (but in total only half of what it would cost in another institute!)

Her lessons with me won't be payed for by the government, since I refuse to pay for a quality label in order to receive money from the government and become part of a scene where there is a lot of fraude going on and its reputation is getting worse.

She is studying very hard and comes here every day, she is super motivated. She is the sweetest girl with a dream... Can we give that to her? If you send me a mail, I can send you more information & updates about her and her exams...

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