Shannons love

Shannons love | Geld inzamelen
Shannon is no longer with us, let's get her love to the Netherlands

Shannon is no longer with us, we all miss her and we all love her.

We can do something for her! Her love Saidi need to go to the Netherlands, also her personal possesions need to go to the Netherlands.

For this we need some money, please share and help to get this done!

The first amount of €2500 was raised within 12 hours, amazing! Extra goals we have set for now: A proper farewell on Malta with her family.

When more money is raised wel weill give this to the family to help with their expenses.



Almost 4000 euro this is so amazing, we love the love that is in the world


People thank you, the first 1000 euro is already in. What a support.


We thank you all


when people want to pay from other countries: Please go to -DONEER-(donate), then select baktransfer and fill in the fields, BEDRAG(amount) NAAM(name) email and BERICHT(message) then select BETAAL(pay) and you get the details for a banktrensfer.

Please do not forget the reference(betalingskenmerk)!

250 donaties
€ 4.630,00
Doel: € 5.000,00

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