Save puppy Lara

Save puppy Lara | Geld inzamelen
Lara is a rescue puppy from Bali and she needs your help to get better and find a home!

Dear everyone,

Meet little Lara! This skinny little lady is an 6 month year old puppy, neglected and abandoned by her owner. I found Lara wounded by the side of the road and I could not leave her there.

Lara had hundreds of tics and is so skinny that you can count all the bones. We brought her to the vet. She has anaemia, a skin disease, blood parasites and is severely underfed. She spent a few days at the clinic and is currently on the mend but is still very weak and skinny. At the moment she in boarding where she is receiving love, food and resting to regain her strength.  

She is really sweet and deserves this chance to heal and find her happy end with a family that will love her forever. It will take some time for her to heal and be adopted, so we really need help to cover her medical bills €108 and her monthly boarding costs €95.

Would you like to contribute? Any amount is appreciated. Thanks! 


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