Sara runs Damloop for St Maarten

Sara runs Damloop for St Maarten | Geld inzamelen
Daamloop St Maarten

As many people know, St. Maarten was recently devastated by Hurricane Irma. More than 85% of the population have lost their homes. This is particularly close to home as dear friends of ours, the Evans family, are living in St. Maarten with two small children, one just a few months old – their home and car are destroyed and were just able to save their clothes. Caisha and David lived in the Netherlands before returning back to St. Maarten to raise their beautiful family are now faced with limited water supply, no furniture, car – total destruction.

On September 27th I’m running the Damloop (16 km from Amsterdam to Zaandam) - a huge milestone for me, having only been an occasional 5km runner. With the above in mind, I’d like to run for the Evans family and do anything possible to help. Please sponsor me to raise money for St. Maarten disaster relief to help families like the Evans’ – every penny helps!  Cisco will also match each donation you make, doubling the donation we can raise.

Thank you!


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