Running for my flower dream

Running for my flower dream | Geld inzamelen
Help me to reach my dream to be a better florist and support my half marathon!

Hello, I am Anastasia, a florist with a dream. Eight months after the birth of my child, I came back to my profession. It was a fantastic year full of big projects where I mostly participated as a volunteer and inspiring meetings in the world of flower design. It motivated me to dream big. I decided to visit no matter what a 5 days seminar of the most famous European florist - Gregor Lersch. But unfortunately at the beginning of 2018 I got to hear that I have to search for a new employer. My dream started to fall in pieces. The 900 euro amount became unreal for me without a steady income.

 And then a great idea came to my mind: I needed something in the meantime to keep moving forward. So I started to run.  It was never my favorite kind of sport, but it helped me to focus on my goal. I see a lot of similarities between running and reaching my dream: your goal seems unreal but it all starts with a first step.  Before I ran 5 and 10 kilometers but this time it had to be much more serious. So ….I signed for the half marathon in Den Hague  (21,1 kilometer) on the 11th of March and decided to start crowdfunding so people can follow my trainings and can support me as long as I run. I will continue running till May and I will stop a week before my course will start. So who knows maybe one day I will participate in a whole marathon.

Dear followers, I need your support. Please let me reach my dream, Gregor Lersch 5 days course in May 2018, let me be better in my profession. Every gift is important. Thanks a lot for helping me reach my dream!

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