Running Clean the Ocean

Running Clean the Ocean | Geld inzamelen
I will run a Marathon to contribute to the Ocean Cleanup project.

As a surfer, the ocean is very dear to me. That is why I find it shocking to see so much plastic soup within the ocean. I want to change that. And I want to prove how little people can do to support this cause.

I will run the Marathon of Rotterdam the 8th of April. And this is how you can help:

1. You can either sponsor me for €1,- only, or
2. You can share this message on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for free.

If I do not succeed to run the Marathon within 4 hours, I will double the end amount of money that I have raised.

Please, reach out to me when you support the Ocean Cleanup project and help me in any of these two ways.




More information about the Ocean Cleanup project you can find here:


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