Please support and help turn dreams into goals!

Please support and help turn dreams into goals! | Geld inzamelen

“Everything good in this world starts with a dream. Hold on to yours. Because if you no longer have the strength to dream, then you certainly do not have the strength to make your dreams come true.”

Welcome to the Brazilian Dream Project. I am Ricardo and the initiator of the project, which was created after a heart attack and the gruesome and extremely violent murder of my life partner Emmy (31) on July 31, 2020. For more information about the story behind the project, see our website.

Emmy and I always wanted to start a project like this. To help people by giving them the tools to regain control of their lives. By working together and growing together to unprecedented heights.

Emmy and I always had work aimed at helping people grow. Emmy had two bachelor's degrees in psychology and was almost finished with her master's degree in Forensic Criminology. All she had to do was hand in her thesis. She then wanted to pursue a master's degree in clinical psychology and continue her education as a mental health psychologist.

Emmy worked for more than ten years with people with a non-congenital brain defect. I have completed my studies in social financial services and am now studying social legal services. The project fits perfectly with my education and with our dreams and wishes. After Emmy's death, the drive to start the project has become even greater. Is it now also a project of remembrance?

Why Brazil? I met many wonderful people in Brazil who pulled me through the dark times. At times when I could no longer do it myself or couldn't muster any positivity, they were there. They gave me purpose in life again by breathing life into mine and Emmy's dreams. I notice in daily life that Brazil keeps coming back. Everything indicates that I should just take the step. That Brazil is a very good start to let the project grow and flourish. Can I take control of my own life again and no longer let him influence my life? Even though it will never completely disappear. I want to regain control and control over my own life. Being able to become happy again by starting to live again instead of surviving. Not only for myself but also for 💜my wife, my very best friend, my Queen💜

What does the Brazilian Dream Project entail?

Imagine that you are in the last phase of your life and have the dream of making beautiful memories with friends and family. Being together one last time before the final farewell takes place. What if that dream could become reality?

Imagine that you have a physical or mental disability and that you need to get away from it all with friends & family. That you can feel human again. That you don't have to think about your disability for a while. What if that dream could become reality?

Imagine that you would like to go on holiday with your children and family, but you do not have the financial resources for this. To be able to get away without thinking about financial problems. That you can offer the children an unforgettable moment. Experiences that they can share with friends at school. What if that dream could become reality?

You can make those dreams come true. How? By helping to make the 'Brazilian Dream' come true. By sharing the project in your network and on social media. Follow us on social media and make a donation to one of our donation pages. What means a small amount for many can mean the world and a difference for others.

A good friend gave me the option to buy his property in Brazil. Unfortunately, due to his health, he has to sell the property. He also wants to spend more time with his children. Maintenance, management and national rental have been outsourced to a local, reliable partner. The project therefore already contributes to local employment. The reason why we opt for purchase is because with a rental property you cannot make adjustments for people with a physical disability. Consider a raised toilet, a walk-in bath/shower, a hoist, handles, etc. The building must be/become accessible to the largest possible group of people.

In addition to the regular rental of the property, where the income is used for fixed costs, I want to make the property available to people who are in the final phase of their lives. To people with a physical, mental or psychological disability, but also to people and families who are struggling financially. By offering them a temporary place where they can enjoy and recharge with family and/or friends before "normal" life starts again. By not having to think about misery or illness for a while, to be human again. But also to offer people in the final stages of life the opportunity to spend some time with their loved ones. Make memories before the final farewell takes place. I call this “Real Estate that does more”.

As part of the project we want to set up and organize various workshops and activities. These are based on personal growth, cooperation and growing together and combating loneliness. A selection of the options we want to set up.

  • Courses in dealing with money & learning to budget
  • Legal & Financial advice
  • English & Portuguese language lessons
  • Bereavement course/dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • Cooking courses & information about good and honest food
  • Drawing & painting lessons
  • Music lessons

Of course we also want to organize activities on and around the water. Not only for people with a physical and/or mental disability, but also for (underprivileged) youth and the elderly. Consider for example:

  • Horse riding / Buggy driving (also for people with disabilities)
  • A temporary water park in the immediate vicinity
  • Sports & fitness activities on the beach • Film, theater and music on the beach
  • Nature and beach walks, fishing trips
  • Meetings against loneliness, with sports/games/coffee & tea.

In the future it would be fantastic if multiple projects and activities could be started. Think of a B&B/hotel or restaurant where people who have difficulty finding work are given an opportunity to grow. Where people with Down syndrome, with a mental and/or physical disability or people with low literacy who would normally have no chance on the labor market are given a chance. In this way we offer income, daytime activities, employment and the opportunity to learn and study on the job. But we are also considering options for a youth center, a meeting place for the elderly or a cat café where we take in homeless animals and visitors can cuddle them. Everyone needs love!

It would be great if the project could also be started and built up in other countries in the future. Where the different teams are connected to work together even more. Or even exchange with each other. That people can work temporarily in another country and gain experience.

Why is donating to the project important?

  • With a donation you help make dreams come true by starting the project.
  • Setting up various workshops/events for different target groups.
  • Offer vulnerable people a place to temporarily escape from their daily routine.
  • Give vulnerable people the feeling of being “human” again!
  • Letting people grow to make them more self-reliant.
  • Offer people the opportunity to get out of a financial hole.
  • Help people get out of a depressed and lonely state.
  • Enabling new friendships and helping people grow.
  • The opportunity to experience a holiday in this fantastic property yourself. (see our action).

As a donor you help make these projects come true. You don't just donate, you invest in your fellow man. We can do more and help even more people. The strength of our project is that we do not support just one target group, but multiple target groups. Elderly, adults, disabled, children. We already live together as a society, but do we actually do things together? Why do the groups live past each other if we can also work together and learn from each other? Together we can move mountains and make our dreams and those of others come true.

“Life has no boundaries except the boundaries we impose on ourselves.” The only thing missing is the financial resources to start the project. Thanks to your donation and sharing the project in your network, we can make this possible.

Donate action:

For those who donate to our project and help to start the project, we have the following promotion!!!

  • Donation of €100.00 to €250.00 = 1 long weekend (Fri/Mon) free home rental.
  • Donation of € 250.00 to € 500.00 = 1 midweek (Monday to Friday) free house rental.
  • Donation of €500.00 to €1000.00 = 1 week (Mon/Sun) free rent of the house.
  • Donation of € 1000.00 or more = 2 weeks (14 days) free house rent.

Please note: The promotion only concerns the rental of the home and does not include travel and other costs. This promotion starts when the home has been purchased, is ready for rental and is available. The promotion is valid for 5 years after purchasing the property.

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Thank you for your donation which brings the goal closer, for sharing this message in your network and for making dreams come true together. Obrigado por todo seu apoio!

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