New life for stray dogs

New life for stray dogs | Geld inzamelen
You won't change the world by saving an animal, but you will change that animal's world.

Calling for all animal lovers!

In Romania there are around 1 - 3 million stray dogs, this led to the law that homeless dogs can be killed. Which caused the shelters to be overfull and allowing them to euthanise the dogs if they don't find a home for them within 14 days. In these shelters they live in horrible circumstances and die if not for the euthanasia by illness, stress or malnutrition.

But there are people trying to better this situation. Volunteers from the Netherlands and Romania raise awareness around this issue and try their best to find forever homes for all the dogs. This by sharing the dogs in the shelters on social media and taking the dogs into their own homes. And even if this won't work they try to better the situation by raising money to buy food, vaccination, medicines and supplies against the extreme cold.

In this shelter are 166 dogs who if not adopted will stay here the rest of their lives. With your help we can donate food so they don't starve and have to fight for food. With your help we can make time spent in the shelter more fun and warm. 

Because of their hard work and the power of social media I became aware of this case of animal cruelty. Their hard work pays off and so many animals have found a new forever home in Belgium or The Netherlands. Their hard work led for me to adopt my dog now named Bowie. Who now is saved from fighting for food and so much more. 

You won't change the world by saving an animal, but you will change that animal's world.

Every amount donated will help!

Thank you in advance from all the volunteers and the stray dogs!

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