Lombok earthquake

Lombok earthquake | Geld inzamelen
Again two earthquakes at Lombok last sunday! We need to help!

We are Toni and Laura, two Spanish (Catalan) people living in the Netherlands.

Two weeks ago we came back from our holidays with our kids from Indonesia. We were at Gili Trawangan, part of three small islands just in front of Lombok. Really a nice place! we were enjoying snorkeling, cycling and hanging in the island when sunday evening, enjoying our dinner everything started! The ground was shaking hard! We lost our sense of balance! We were helped by local people who went with us up to the hill, as all the people in the island. We spent the whole night there because the risk of a Tsunami. That night 135 after shocks happened. People was screaming, crying, looking for their family and praying. We can not explain with words all the feelings and the thoughts going through our mind. The boys that helped us just lost their house and they were calm and just trying to help us and trying to survive.
We experience a survival run of 28 hours until we could go to a hotel, have a shower, eat, drink and finally sleep! We can not imagine how it is for the local people to have just NOTHING! they are sleeping at tents outside and don't have food, drinking water and medicines. More than 400 people have dyed, they have lost their relatives, friends, house and job. Most of them live from the tourist and everything now is devastated. We are in contact with this local family, Andy, who is helping in Lombok to distribute food, water and medicines.

Just last Sunday again two earthquakes shaked the earth of Lombok again! One of 6.3 and one of 7, like two weeks ago when we were there! They need more help to buy more tents, food, water and medicines. Some people are difficult to reach as they are far away from the main roads.

Andy, our held is helping a lot! We trust him! We hope you trust him as well and can help just a little right now because it is urgent at this moment. There are a lot of NGO's helping as well but the damage is so big that all help is welcome. Andy can attend this people immediately!


Laura Casares

Thanks a lot to everyone! Andy is very happy helping the people. He has bought many tents so people can sleep there! Also food and medicines. 

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