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Lets do this together | Geld inzamelen
we were asked by the grandfather of little Nercia to help , he was devastated

Dear all,In August winter in Mozambique means that there are lot of burnwounds, especially little children got burnt because they are so small and wanna have a bit of warmth! We took care of a little 3 year old girl, named Nercia, that really was in a terrible state of 3 rd grade burns. She fall into the fire and had burnwounds on her arm, belly and leg. We took care for her and were supported by friends in bandages, help support and all that.The good part is that we still are able to take care of little Nercia with a lot of help of friends who are doing it just with love and empathy. How privileged we are to have all the possibilities to go to an hospital whenever we feel like going to!!

And now the only thing that can save her leg is a transplant! For that this tiny princess needs to be transported to Maputo and back! (what is from Pandane village about 500 km) Her operation needs to get paid and that is gonna cost a lot of money! But I learned as a young girl that if you start something you better finish it. So what ll ask you guys, my friends on this medium, please can you contribute a little??? We only need about 2000 euro to help her out and I will promise you that it will be totally on her recovery spend every cent of it!

Please help us to help her!!!?

Hanneke van der staay

I  couldn’t have started this action without the help of all these beautiful people,

Liesje who was the first to respond to Paolo ‘s cry for help and who always has my back

Dirk, Bas, Pim and Jos who helped me changing the dressings and drove me as my knee had been twisted, so i was not able to walk or drive into the bush

Hugo and Jos who helped me out with all their medical knowledge and advice, listening to me when i didn’t know what to do, bringing  the reason back into my head

Raymundo who was our contact with the family and translater

Domingas who continued the wounddressings and care for Nercia when we left the area

Pien and Fred who stepped into the scène without any hesitations

They took care for the follow up when things were gonna get tough. Pien is one of our best crowdfunders ever, if you still have money in your pocket or bra after talking to her, you forgot you are human

Shirley for entering the process with her heart on the right spot, doing a crashcourse woundddressing with Pien & Fred and taking care for little Nercia since then, being the lifeline where she reached for

Tracy who collected the money on her side

And really you people with the heart on the right place, knowing that we are privileged to live in a world that is so very different from little Nercia!

Very happy i am part of the A team❤️

Hanneke van der staay

We are coming there ! Thank you for all the support we have had till now and gonna have in future!

Arrangements are made local by Shirley to have Nercia transported to the doctor in Maputo!


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