Kerala Flood relief fund from the Netherlands

Kerala Flood relief fund from the Netherlands | Geld inzamelen
Kerala India flood relief fund from the Netherlands

Dear Friends,

The state of Kerala, located in the western coast of India, is experiencing a disastrous flood and landslides this monsoon- the worst in the last 100 years. The state, similar in size of the Netherlands, is in a state of emergency. Kerala had to open all its dams that regulate the 44 rivers in the region, in response to the heavy downpour (40% more than the usual rainfall). The usual rainfall is itself 3-4 times the average rainfall in the Netherlands.

Over the past week,and according to the latest figures from the state authorities on 17th August, 164 people have died and 314.391 people (70.085 families) are displaced from home and are living in the 2.094 relief camps across the state. Unfortunately, the death toll continues to soar in the past 24 hours.

Many of my friends and relatives are also displaced from their homes. Rescue operations are still going on as several people are still stranded in their homes with no means to get out,or even worse - trapped under mud and debris. Public transport has come to a standstill, whie the main airport will remain closed until the 26th of August, as more rain is forecast for the weekend.  

News updates

Live updates:

I am launching a fundraising campaign here in the Netherlands to solicit contributions to the 'Chief minister’s distress relief fund(CMDRF)', the state government's official collection and disbursement mechanism. The total estimated damage as of the 17th of August amounts to 8000 Crore Rupees, roughly 1 billion Euros.  Please contribute even the smallest possible amount and I will personally make sure that all of it gets to the Disaster Relief Fund.

For those who wish to contribute directly to the State’s distress relief fund, please use the details below:

Account number: 67319948232
Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: City branch, Thiruvananthapuram
IFS Code: SBIN0070028
Name of Donee: CMDRF

Website :


For those who wish to donate by credit cards, please use our gofundme campaign


My Details

Name: Rakesh Naduvath Mana

Phone: +31683533421 (text, call, WhatsApp)


Also, please let me know if you or your organization would like to actively join the campaign so that we can collaborate. Kindly share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you.

Rakesh Naduvath Mana

Dear All,

Thank you again for all the support and kindness you have shown towards this endeavor. I would like to thank each one of you on behalf of the people in Kerala, for your support. 

As far as the contributions are concerned, I have transferred a total of 2000 euros to the Chief ministers distress relief fund bank account in Kerala.

A total of 1795,23 euros was received from the Doneeractie, after deducting the platform service charges and the taxes. The fund collected from the Gofundme campaign was also added into the Doneeractie contribution. Together with some personal savings, and some donations received in hand - a total of 2000 euros was collected.

This amount has been transferred to the Kerala Chief ministers relief fund on 4th of September. 


Rakesh Naduvath Mana

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