ISMB Beach Day 2017

ISMB Beach Day 2017 | Geld inzamelen
We need your help to create an amazing, unforgettable beach day for ISMB class of 2020!

ISMB Beach Day event is an end of the year party for the first years ISMB program. It Incorporates the values or ISMB zoals Diversity and community around the idea of excitement and curiosity That comes with the unexpected. The event will take place on the 5th of July in Zandvoort on the public beach. A lot of the activities are regular beach games to How many followers we added a twist. All in all, it is a unique event, Incorporating creative ideas and promoting diversity, and self-confidence through sports. If you could equally Contribute a little it would help us unforgettable create an end-of-year celebration for our class mates. 

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