Improve girls education in Tanzania

Improve girls education in Tanzania | Geld inzamelen
Raising money to provide sanitary pads in order to improve girls education in Tanzania

In the next 4 weeks I will be volunteering in the Jali Project which is part of the organization Tai Tanzania in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania). The mission of TAI is to empower youth in Tanzania through practical engagement, creating awareness and capacity building and the main goal of the Jali Project is supporting girls to stay in school.

In Tanzania, approximately only half of the female students enrolled in government secondary schools are able to complete their education. Amongst the reason of dropouts is the absence of affordable sanitary pads, lack of knowledge and the abundance of stigma about menstruation surrounding girls and women.

The Jali Project aims to change this by creating awareness, providing menstrual hygiene management education and facilitating access to reusable sanitary pads. Only 2% of girls in Tanzania use sanitary pads, because they simply cannot afford it, whereas every girl should have access to such a basic necessity!

Therefore, I am raising money to provide girls with sanitary pads: only €5 supports a girl for one year with reusable pads and €24 with disposable pads.

It would be amazing if you could donate some euros supporting the Jali Project to reduce drop-outs of girls in Tanzanian underprivileged secondary schools and empower girls' education. All money raised will go to the Jali Project. 


Thank you very much!!

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Julie Heijnen

Lieve mensen,

Een beetje een laat bericht. Maar door al jullie donaties heb jullie 70 meisjes kunnen voorzien van sanitary pads voor een heel jaar. Dus bij deze wil ik jullie allen heel erg bedanken!!



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